Planning to open sub-district hospital for other ailments

Panvel: In the first and second wave of Corona, it was seen that there was no hospital for the right of the municipality and for the treatment of Corona patients in Panvel. Now that the third wave of Corona is likely to be big, it will be a relief for CIDCO to set up a jumbo hospital in Kalamboli for Panvelkars. The hospital is expected to open in the next eight days and will be used to collect corona treatments from Panvel.

The 665-bed Jumbo Corona Hospital has been set up at the Central Cotton Authority’s warehouse at Kalamboli. This will enable the doctors and health workers of the health department of the municipality to focus on the patients under one roof and it will be convenient to provide facilities to the patients.

At present, the number of coronation victims in Panvel Municipal Corporation has reached over 65,000. 1320 people have died in the municipal area while undergoing treatment for coronary heart disease. At present 500 patients are undergoing treatment for coronary heart disease in the municipal area. Therefore, the municipality has taken various measures for the third wave of corona, in which the municipal administration and CIDCO have planned to treat patients of all ages, including children, at the Jumbo Corona Hospital in the CCI warehouse at Kalamboli.

The municipality is on its way to complete the vaccination of three lakh citizens. At present, the sub-district hospital in Panvel city treats less than 50 patients daily. The sub-district hospital was first declared as a corona hospital in Raigad district. Therefore, the citizens of the lowest income group have no choice but to go to private hospitals for diseases other than coronary heart disease. Citizens have to bear the brunt of medical treatment at their own expense. Therefore, before the third wave in front of Panvel Municipal Commissioner Ganesh Deshmukh and the health department of the municipality, there is a demand to open the sub-district hospital for treatment of other ailments.

In the next few days, the corporation is likely to announce a decision on the services of the 72-bed hospital at Kalamboli and the sub-district hospital in Panvel. If the capacity of the third wave of Jumbo Corona Hospital is increased, the option of starting a 72-bed hospital at Kalamboli will be in the hands of the municipality.

The Jumbo Hospital is planning to start some more medical services for the people of Panvel after the medical facilities are restored. The first priority of the municipality is to run a Jumbo Covid Center. Planning is underway to provide immediate medical treatment for other ailments to the low income group and the needy in the municipal area. Planning is being done on how to provide those services from the 72-bed hospital at Kalamboli and the sub-district hospital in the city.

– Ganesh Deshmukh, Commissioner, Panvel Municipality


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