NEW DELHI: In Delhi to draw attention to the persistent violent attacks on opposition leaders in Tripura, four-time Left Front chief minister Manik Sarkar said on Tuesday the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has turned India’s eastern-most state into a “laboratory” to establish a “one-party, dictatorial, fascistic regime” where the “Constitution of India does not work”.
Sarkar, who was among the Left legislators subject to violent attacks earlier this month, said he was physically prevented by workers of the ruling BJP from visiting his assembly constituency and touring the state over 15 times since the BJP won the state three years ago.
“The onslaught against the us began after March 2018, once the results of the assembly elections were published. Recently, the violence increased because BJP is panicking after our programmes highlighting the government’s failures started getting huge response from the people,” Sarkar said, speaking to TOI.
He also alleged BJP has attacked all “democratic-minded, secular and peace-loving citizens” in Tripura and that if the laboratory experiment in Tripura succeeds, the one-party, dictatorial model will be replicated in the rest of the country.
Sarkar alleged that in the months since BJP was voted to power in Tripura, hunger and starvation has peaked, crime against women has risen and employment has plummeted. “Tribal men and women are driven to hunger and having to cross the border into Bangladesh to forage for food. Instead of helping the population, government has imposed new taxes on cooking gas and power. People have started recognising the mistake they made and this has led BJP to clamp down on all opposition,” Sarkad added.
Sarkar’s visit to Delhi comes days after CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and sought his intervention to rein in the violence against the Left party’s cadre. Yechury said on Tuesday he received no acknowledgement of his letter from the PMO, nor a favourable response from the Rashtrapati Bhawan, with who he had sought an appointment.
“This is a political challenge that has been thrown at the CPM and we shall rise to it,” Yechury said.

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