An umpire has come to light due to his unique skills and his video has gone viral.

In cricket, umpiring is a really difficult task, as the on-field umpires need to make some important calls in a matter of seconds. Trapped decisions and other decisions must be made accurately, as one wrong call can affect the whole game. In particular, umpires usually come to light when they make mistakes. This shows how difficult umpiring is. But an umpire has come to the fore because of his unique skills.

Billy Bowden has often officiated with different gestures throughout his cricketing career. But now an umpire-wide decision has gone viral. This video is so much fun. This video shows the umpire making decisions in a way he has never seen before.

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The viral clip is of the Purandar Premier League, a local cricket tournament in Maharashtra, where a unique style of umpiring was seen. The umpire usually spreads his arms outstretched to give a wide signal, but in the heavier Premier League the umpire used his legs to give the signal.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan has also taken the Maharashtra umpire by surprise. He shared this viral video. “Of course we want to see this man join the Assassin’s Creed elite panel,” Caption Vaughan said in the video.

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