Obstruction of traffic; Traffic jams during rush hour

Navi Mumbai: Lack of parking has become a serious problem in the city. Even though there is a parking lot in Vashi, the drivers are parking their vehicles on the service road. As a result, traffic is being disrupted and traffic jams are being created.

Drivers do not use this parking lot as they have to pay only Rs. This includes owners of many expensive vehicles. This is happening in Vashi Sector 16 area.

Vashi is an important place in Navi Mumbai and Sector 17 is known as the financial hub. Sector 15, 16, 9 and 10 of Vashi are always busy. Therefore, there is a big crowd of vehicles in this place. The problem of parking of these vehicles is big in this area. For this, a car park has been constructed on the gutter a few years ago. The capacity of this parking lot is one and a half hundred vehicles at a time. However, the number of vehicles parked here is low. The parking lot is empty during the day. Only a few vehicles are parked here in the morning and evening.

Owners are parking their vehicles on both sides of the service road while the neighbors are parking. These vehicles stop at Orenja Chowk. Illegal parking while in the parking lot is considered a blessing. This is hindering the traffic on this road and causing traffic jams during rush hour. The traffic police said that action is being taken at this place continuously. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

If you look at this service road, which is affordable even for the upper class, then many expensive vehicles are parked here. If one of the drivers is asked to let go, yes, you have to pay 10 rupees. You can park your vehicle here for free. And the police don’t even ask, he said.

Action is being taken against illegal and unruly vehicle parking and this action is also being taken against vehicles on the road. Vehicle owners must obey traffic rules.

Baburao Deshmukh, Senior Inspector of Police, Traffic Department, Vashi

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