All this Mehndi was given as a gift to the couple.

Actor Vicky Kaushal and actress Katrina Kaif are in a hurry. The couple is currently preparing for their wedding. In just two days, they will get married at a fort in Rajasthan. Although Vicky-Katrina’s wedding will be in full swing, all the formalities have been prepared for this time. Katrina and Vicky’s Mehndi ceremony took place yesterday. Her mehndi ceremony was well prepared at this time. Mehndi was specially ordered from Sojat in Rajasthan.

Sojat in Rajasthan is famous for its mehndi cultivation. Katrina has also received a unique gift in this Mehndi ceremony. Which made her ceremony unforgettable. For Katrina and Vicky’s wedding, 20 kg of organic mehndi was specially prepared. In addition, 400 pieces of Mehndi were also sent. All this Mehndi was given as a gift to the couple.

According to Nitesh Agarwal, owner of Sojat’s Mehndi Natural Herbals, we have donated 20 kg of Mehndi for the wedding ceremony of Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif. This is a gift from Mehndi Sojat to Vicky-Katrina. What is special is that they have not charged a single rupee for this. It takes 20 days to make this mehndi. It does not contain any chemicals.

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Meanwhile, preparations are underway for Vicky-Katrina’s yellow rally. The yellow ceremony of these two will be held on December 8 today. This is followed by an evening music festival. Katrina and Vicky will be getting married between December 7 and 12. Only a select few family members and friends will be present at the wedding. Katrina and Vicky are said to have had a court marriage in Mumbai before the customary marriage.

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