In the world of social media, many people have a habit of sharing their beautiful photos. So there is a tendency towards cosmetic and plastic surgery to look beautiful. However, some shocking types of cosmetic surgery have come to light. Something similar happened to Andrea, who lives in Bulgaria. Andrea took 27 injections to increase the size of her lips. Andrea now claims to have the largest lip in the world. Andrea, who calls herself a Barbie doll, has so far spent around Rs 5 lakh. But she is still not satisfied. She wants to set a world record with bigger lips. She also wants to increase the length of her face.

Andrea dreams of looking like a plastic Barbie doll. She is also ready for plastic surgery. Her confidence has also increased as her lips have become bigger. The number of followers on Instagram has also increased.

Andrea has so far taken 27 injections on her lips only. It costs around Rs 20,000 per injection. Seeing Andrea’s photo, many have advised her not to have surgery. But Andrea, who is in love with herself, has nothing to give.

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