We see dogs roaming the streets every day. Stray dogs often seem restless to satisfy their hunger. Often lives are lost in road accidents. But on the other hand, dog lovers are seen taking special care of their dogs. Dogs are loved so much that they are pampered. Now Alyssa Throne’s love of dogs has become a topic of discussion on social media in the UK. Alyssa Throne lives in Pontiprid, Wales. She takes special care of her one-and-a-half-year-old Chinese crested powder puff, she told ITV’s show One and a half Morning Today. Fabia the dog is given everything she wants. She spends millions of rupees for this.

She said that she had built a separate house for the dog in the garden. There are also trees filled with reindeer snails and dog bubbles. Millions of rupees are spent on special clothes and jewelery for Fabia on festive days. Fabia’s annual expenditure is around Rs 20 lakh. Fabia has bought special designer clothes for Christmas.

Alyssa’s dog love is not limited to Fabia, she wears clothes that are similar to hers. Also, Fabia is with her wherever she goes. Fabia has created a special case for her while shopping. Elisa also explains the reason behind spending on Fabia. She said that she loved dogs as much as a child because she had no children.

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