The craze for the song “Manike Maage Hithe” is still going on. The song is sung by a Sri Lankan singer. The singer’s name is Johani Diloka DeSilva. This song is gaining tremendous popularity and it is gaining popularity among everyone from Bollywood to Marathi art world and other common people. The original language of this song, which sounds like Tamil, is Sinhala. The song has also been praised by many celebrities. Versions of the world-crazy song have been released in many languages ​​across the country. A video of her dancing to this song has gone viral.

The meaning of this song is that every passion in my heart is yours. During the current wedding season, many newlyweds and relatives are choosing to dance to Sinhala songs. A couple’s video on the song has gone viral. Couples will be seen staring at this song. Dr. Meenal Makkar danced with her husband. This dance is preferred by netizens.

The song has received over a thousand views on social media. Many commented and appreciated the dance.

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