Wedding photos and videos are being widely shared on social media during the wedding season. Through these photos and videos, new funny things are coming up every day. The funny video is also gaining popularity among netizens. Now in the wedding tent, why does a bride want to marry the groom directly ?, asked the question in the wedding tent. The groom answered heartily. The audience burst into laughter. The video was shared on an Instagram account called ‘The Wedding Brigade’. Thousands of people have watched and shared this video so far.

In the video, the bride asks the groom, “Why do you want to get married?” Upon hearing the bridegroom’s answer, the audience burst into laughter, and the bridegroom could not help but smile.

Social media users are also making funny comments on this video. One user wrote, ‘Yeah, I don’t want peace anymore, so I’m getting married.’ Another user wrote, ‘This answer is true, I keep thinking about how people cope on the street.’


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