Weddings are being held with great fanfare after the lockdown. Meals are being organized to please the guests. Special arrangements are being made for the wedding meal not to be named. Care is taken not to overcook the food with the taste. But often the wedding meal is left in large quantities. As such, the food is thrown away or felt. Women in West Bengal have won the hearts of netizens by doing something similar. The women went to give food to the needy wearing wedding dresses and ornaments. This did not waste food and filled the stomachs of the needy. Her action is being appreciated on social media.

Wedding photographer Niranjan Mandal shared a photo of the woman on Facebook. The woman’s name has been identified as Papia Kar. This is a photo of meals being served to the needy at a station in Kolkata. After the meal was left at her brother’s wedding, she went to the station at 1 pm on December 4 and gave food to the needy. This photo is from Ranaghat Junction, a suburban railway station in Kolkata. She is seen sitting on the ground in the wedding dress and feeding the people. There were other dishes besides Varan, rice, bread and vegetables. The meal began to feel like papaya. There was a long line of people.

Papaya has often served food to the needy. So everyone is appreciating her work. So far, many have shared this photo on Facebook. Others have been advised to do the same.

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