The grief of not getting possession while the houses are ready

Navi Mumbai: After waiting for two years, CIDCO has given letters of intent to the beneficiaries on the waiting list for 2018 and 2019 at an additional cost of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. But when the houses are ready, they have to wait for six months to a year to take possession. So there is resentment among these beneficiaries.

CIDCO has stipulated that the first installment should be paid by the beneficiary. Many of them have already paid the first installment and have taken home loans from banks. However, their next installments will be credited to CIDCO from the bank within the time given by CIDCO. Instead, they have demanded that CIDCO should take the remaining amount from the banks at the same time and give possession of the finished houses. This, he says, could save even a fraction of the rent for the next six months to a year. Why this double whammy for no reason? This question has also been asked by the beneficiary Sachin Kharat.

Letters of intent have been sent to 1,800 beneficiaries on the waiting list. The eligible beneficiaries are ready to take possession of the houses by paying the full amount but CIDCO is not ready to do so.

CIDCO had vacated these houses on October 2, 2018. Fifty three lakh applications were received for this. In the first phase, 14 thousand 837 and later in 9 thousand 288 houses, in the subsequent scrutiny, more than seven thousand applicants were found ineligible. According to CIDCO’s lottery system, a waiting list was also prepared at the time of lottery for these 24,000 houses. Eligible beneficiaries were provided on the waiting list of their house if any beneficiary became ineligible. Corona outbreak, which started last year, has left many beneficiaries jobless and some have had to face pay cuts. As a result, some beneficiaries have released water on CIDCO houses. In their place, CIDCO has issued letters of intent to the beneficiaries on the waiting list and has given them a deadline to pay the house dues. In the first phase, CIDCO has given houses of 1,800 beneficiaries and after completion of this beneficiary process, another 3,000 beneficiaries will be given wills. So this number is likely to go up to five thousand houses. Beneficiaries on the waiting list have been charged an extra Rs 2 lakh to Rs 2.5 lakh depending on the area of ​​the house by CIDCO even during the Corona crisis. It has been reported directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, but CIDCO has been forced to pay the cost due to housing construction costs and inflation. CIDCO has also paid the central government’s share for the beneficiaries in the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme. Thousands of beneficiaries on the waiting list issued by CIDCO have paid the first installment and completed the loan process of various banks. Therefore, the question arises as to why the beneficiaries are not given possession of the houses by taking the entire amount when the houses are ready in five nodes of CIDCO.

CIDCO’s coffers will be full ..

With the coffers empty, CIDCO is currently focusing on land sales. However, if CIDCO gives possession of the finished houses to the beneficiaries on the waiting list within a month or two, all their money will be deposited in CIDCO’s coffers. Since the number of these beneficiaries is in the thousands, the amount coming to CIDCO at the same time will be in the crores. It will also save the beneficiary thousands of rupees in rent.

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