Action against those who do not print the date of manufacture and use

Virar: The Food and Drug Administration has started action against those who make sweets using adulterated and inferior ingredients during Ganeshotsav. Work has been started to collect samples of Mawa, Barfi, Pede, Halwa, Laddu, Modak and Farsan. Action was taken against three confectioners for not printing the date of confectionery, while samples from 14 places have been taken for inspection.

In Vasai Virar area, a large number of sweets are adulterated during the festive season. Thousands of kilos of artificial aphids are smuggled from Gujarat and Rajasthan to Vasai-Virar these days. There are many examples of sweets being made from it. Counterfeiters are running their businesses near Nalasopara, Vasai Highway and in small and big huts.

During the festive season, there is a huge demand for sweets from the citizens. To prevent adulteration and food poisoning, the Food Safety and Standards Authority has made it mandatory to write the date of manufacture and the date of use when selling open sweets. However, sweet sellers in Vasai Virar are playing with the health of the citizens by enforcing this rule. Therefore, the health of the citizens has come to the fore as they do not understand the quality of sweets.

Meanwhile, action has been initiated by the Food and Drug Administration. The department has inspected several sweet shops in Vasai Virar and has taken samples of mava from two shops, cashew nut samples from six shops, barfi, pede and modak samples from 13 shops, laddu samples from 3 shops and farali chiwda samples from 2 shops. On the other hand, a fake halwa worth Rs 21,200 was seized from a shop called ‘Brijwasi Mawa Barfiwala’ at Nacho Road, Achole Road. Action has been taken against 3 sweet shops for not printing deadline on sweets. They will be fined, said Joint Commissioner P. R. Singerwad has said.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned all confectioners to clearly state the date of manufacture and expiration of open confectionery to prevent adulteration of confectionery and its quality. But still hundreds of confectioners in the city do not seem to follow this rule. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said that it will now take direct action against such confectioners and levy fines.


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