The WHO has made a “strong recommendation” against giving blood plasma treatment to people without severe corona symptoms.

On the advice of the WHO, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday that people with mild or moderate illnesses should not be given covid treatment using plasma extracted from the blood of cured corona virus patients. We tell you, in the early days, blood plasma was claimed to have good treatment results. But, according to advice now published in the British Medical Journal, the WHO states that “current evidence suggests that it does not increase survival or reduce the need for medical ventilation.” Also, it is expensive and time consuming. “

What else did the WHO say?

The WHO has made a “strong recommendation” against giving blood plasma treatment to people without severe corona symptoms. It is also recommended to treat patients with serious illnesses as part of a clinical trial. We also tell you that convulsive plasma is the fluid component of a healthy covid patient’s blood, which contains antibodies produced by the body after recovery from infection. The WHO states that the latest recommendations are based on evidence from 16 trials, including 16,236 non-critical, severe and extremely severe corona patients.

Is the threat of Omicron increased in India?

The two, who returned from abroad last month in Mumbai, were found to be infected with the omecron form of the corona virus. These are the first cases of this new form of the virus in the capital of Maharashtra. Due to this, the total number of patients in the state is now 10. A statement issued by the BMC said that one person returning from South Africa was in contact with another person returning from the US and both were found to be omikron. According to the advertisement, both the persons have taken both doses of anti-covid-19 vaccine. Let us tell you, there are now a total of 23 cases of Omicron across the country.

More than 100 people from abroad went missing from Maharashtra

In the last few days, about 100 migrants from abroad have gone missing in Maharashtra. The administration is now collecting information about these people. Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) chief Vijay Suryavanshi told PTI that out of 295 foreign passengers arriving in Thane district from abroad, 109 passengers have no information. Vijay Suryavanshi said that some of these mobiles are switched off. Not only that, but his address was given by a foreigner, but now it is locked.

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